“Random act of kindness”: how corporates move individuals

By |May 5th, 2016|Eren Wong|0 Comments

Having recently realized that Pret gave away a million cups of coffee a year for free as their "random act of kindness" loyalty scheme, I was immediately inspired by such a campaign. Having gotten a free coffee for 2-3 times from Pret myself, I had not quite realized it could have been a company policy. After all, I had never in any other occasions received free drinks or food, except when it was them who made a mistake. The very first time I got a free coffee from Pret, it so happened that it was the same day the entire office building’s power was cut by accident, I thought they might have known and pitied us, that’s why I got a free coffee. I ran telling everybody in the office they could get free coffee from Pret. It turned out that it was the staff’s random act of kindness, although [...]