Asian Business expansion into the UK and the rest of Europe

Between 2010 and 2015, we saw a significant increase in overseas investment in the UK and buying interest in particular from Chinese enterprises and investors. Corporate M&As activities between Chinese and British companies over the last 5 years have increased three to four folds, with a focus on such sectors as energy, property, financial services and infrastructure. China is to become the world’s largest overseas investors by 2020, with global offshore assets tripling from $6.4tn now to nearly $20tn by 2020, according to research.

“In barely a decade, Chinese overseas director foreign investment has gone from virtually nothing to more than $100bn year… Europe in particular has welcomed the Chinese largesse with open arms, especially in the wake of the global financial crisis and sluggish eurozone economic growth,” according to a joint report produced by the economic research firm Rhodium Group and the Berlin-based Mercator Institute for China Studies.

Whilst China has historically been inclined towards emerging markets such as Latin America and Africa for investment opportunity in natural resources, Europe and the US have become key targets in investment in more sophisticated industry sectors such as food, automotive, property and technology. “Between 2000 and 2014, Chinese companies spent €46bn on 1,047 direct investments in the 28 EU countries,” according to the Financial Times. The chart below sourced from the BBC shows some of the major investments in UK companies by Chinese investors up until late 2015.

What’s more, in a joint statement made in Oct 2015, Cameron and President Xi Jinping said they were committed to creating “a global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century,” and exploiting to the full “one belt, one road” policy set by the President Xi that aims to turn the old Silk Road into a modern trade route across Asia to the Middle East and Europe.

The Big Bee Search’s unique position to help businesses set up in London

With the increasing interest from overseas investors in the UK, the Big Bee Search, combining our market expertise in legal, recruitment and corporate operations in the UK, familiarity with Asia as well as our Chinese language background, we are in a unique position to assist Asian businesses in their expansion into the UK, whether it is a joint venture with a UK company, an acquisition or opening of offices and shops in the UK.

The Big Bee search offers full business consultancy, R&D and management services to businesses of this kind so as to ease their transition into a new territory. We represent and manage your European arm in finding you the best routes to market and recruiting the most suitable local staffs, whether it is an accountant, a lawyer, a BD manager, a marketer or a advertiser.

Expanding a business into a foreign country is a highly complex matter, especially when is it an Asian business, which in general has a simpler setup and corporate governing structure, that wants to expand into the likes of the UK which demands a highly developed and sophisticated corporate framework in all aspects of running a business including taxation, legal liabilities, employer’s responsibility, insurance, pensions and the recruitment of foreign staff.

To make your business work in the work without problems, The Big Bee Search serves as the middleman who takes care of your setup and your overall business management in a jurisdiction where you cannot physically be in yourself.

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Chinese Mandarin and business etiquette training


在2010年和2015年之间,我們看到了中國投資者的海外投資和物業購買顯著上升,特別是歐洲的企業。在過去的五年間,中國與英國公司之間的企業併購活動增加了三到四個倍,重點行業包括能源,房地產,金融服務和土木工程。根據研究報告所得,中國在2020年將成為世界上最大的海外投資者。中國的境外投資將從現在的$6.4tn 三倍增加到未來的$20tn.

根據經濟和研究企業,“在短短的十年之內,中國國外的直接投資從幾乎零,增加到每年$100bn。 歐洲特別張開雙臂和用開放的心態歡迎中國的投資,尤其在全球金融危機和歐元區疲弱的經濟增長之後。


更重要的是,在2015年10月發表的聯合聲明中,英國首相卡梅倫和中國總理发表他們正在致力於打造“21世紀一個全球性的全面戰略夥伴關係”,並利用中國總理的“一帶一路” 政策,把歷史上的絲綢之路变成為一個現代化的貿易路線,連接亞洲至中東和歐洲。


隨著海外投資者對在英國投資的興趣上升,巨峰業務顧問結合我們對法律,英國業務運作,人才招聘的經驗的知識,及我們對亞洲的認識和中國語文的背景,我們正處於一個獨特的位置,能協助亞洲企業在擴展到英國。無論是與一家英國公司合作,收購業務,或是在英國建立辦公室和商店, 我們都有能力在每一個方面作建議和安排。

巨峰業務顧問提供全面的業務諮詢,研究與發展,和業務管理, 幫助亞洲企業拓展到一個新的領域 。我們作你歐洲分公司的代表,幫你找到最佳的市場路線,招募最適合的本地員工來管理歐洲的運作。無論是會計師,律師,業務發展經理,市場營銷或廣告家, 我們都有辦法找到。

拓展業務到國外是一個非常複雜的事情,特別是當它是一個亞洲的業務,因為亞洲業務比起西方業務來說,企業架構和人才管理方面一般沒有那麼複雜和多層次。要把業務擴大到英國 — 一個在求經營業務的各個方面都有嚴格的要求的一個國家是很不容易。這些要求包括稅收(在英國經營業務有不同的稅種), 法律責任,雇主責任,保險,養老金,和招聘外來員工面的資格。在您拓展業務到英國之前,這些因素需要仔細規劃。我們的工作就是在這些方面指導你。為使到你歐洲商務能夠一切順利,巨峰業務顧問作為一個中間人,在你實際上沒法自己開通業務和市場的情況下幫你灌輸系統管理和設立新辦事處。