Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the world and the community in which we work is central to our beliefs at The Big Bee Search.
We want to make a difference by contributing to a sustainable future.

Environmental Policy

We at The Big Bee Search are proud to sponsor Rolladome All Skate – a Charity dedicated to giving back to the youth of our society.

RollaDome All Skate

The team at RollaDome All Skate are all committed professionals keen to make a difference in young people’s lives by encouraging them to be active, stay healthy, learn a new skill, and participate in a fun family activity. We believe that roller skating is a community-building and health-inducing activity, and we are dedicated to bringing the fun to everyone we can find. We even do corporate events! Roller skating team building incorporates Thomas International Personality Profiles Assessment.


Local Community CSR

The Big Bee supports our local community by raising money for local charities through a variety of fundraising activities and hosting charitable events.