Fee structure

Depending on your need, we offer a solution that is tailored to your organisation. A retained search should and will always be offered when the need is an urgent and a business critical need. We often encourage our clients to carefully examine the importance of having the hire or the implication of losing the hire on the business. This gives them a clear perspective in order to set the urgency of the assignment and the worth of the hire. The more urgent and critical the hire is, the more attention and priority are demanded from us to the search at any given them, thus a retained approach would be more appropriate than just a contingent approach.

For more information on fees, or to discuss a potential mandate, please feel free to contact us via info@thebigbeesearch.co.uk, or call 0203 808 0888.

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Retained Assignment:

Retained Search requires a bespoke in-depth market research and proactive approach to attain the best solution for your hiring needs.

This requires a thorough understanding of your current structure, status, and business strategies. After having a good understanding of your hiring needs, we then examine the fullness of the market and proactively target key individuals or teams that fit the requirement and vision of your business.

Fees are negotiable depending on the requirement,seniority, and urgency of the assignment. At the Big Bee Search, we do not believe in an ‘one size fits all’ approach.  As such we work alongside your budget demands, and tailor our fees to fit within your requirements. It can be a fixed fee approach, or on a % base calculation.

Retained Search

Contingency Assignment:

Our retained assignment takes precedence over contingency assignment, although we approach the problem with the same principles when undertaking a contingency led approach to fulfilling your requirements. Fees are allocated on a % base of a remuneration upon a successful search and hire. 

Contingent Search

Assisting foreign expansion into and out of the UK

At the Big Bee Search, we assist all clients with international aspirations, whether it is a UK law firm wanting to open an office in an Asian city, or vice versa. We connect people globally, and we travel worldwide to meet with clients who trust us and want engage us in their global business expansion. Having experience in a number of international jurisdictions, we are mobile consultants who enjoy flying about the world to put the right and like minds together, in order to create a team. We work from our London office, but we work around the international clock, with an international mentality.

With regards to businesses that wish to expand internationally, our services vary including through market research, strategic planing on route to market, plans to overcome any obstacles etc. Our unique knowledge of the legal, financial and other professional services sectors allows us to introduce and advise on the best individuals for your requirements. Fee on this kind of project is assessed on a case by case basis. We can divide such project into several phrases and either assist in part of it or all of us. Ultimately, making it work for you works for us.

International business expansion