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London is the key business hub for the Big Bee Search. It is where the business is set up, and is the place where most of our consultants built up their legal connection. With London being the major financial centre for all of Europe, we enjoy the privileges of having most placements and transactions filtered through this critical commercial hub.

Having clients in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Paris and Lisbon, we are in a position to move candidates to the most suitable cities to suit both their career aspiration and life styles. Many candidates, after working abroad for a period of time, wish to move back to their home country and enjoy a proximity with families, whether it means relocating back to or out of London. We often assist in these complex international moves.


Asia , in particular Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong are our major cities of focus outside the western sphere. Singapore has been a key legal hub in Asia for many international law firms, and is often seen as the second most popular jurisdiction to work in for many England and Wales qualified lawyers. It is mainly because of the buzzing social life, the Asian cosmopolitanism, as well as a much lower income tax compared to London. Most of our international moves happen between London and Singapore.

With the growth of Chinese economy and openness in Chinese international trade, we are getting more demands from firm’s branches in Shanghai and Beijing, for example, for qualified lawyer. More and more 4-7 PQE qualified lawyers are up for the challenge of working in their firm’s Asian office for some period of time. In particular, PRC and US qualified TMT lawyers are increasing in demands as many Chinese companies open their European headquarters in London.

With this in mind, we thus also provide Chinese language training to law firms and individual lawyers, who have an interest in understanding the Chinese and doing business with them. You are welcome to email to enquire.


Roughly speaking, a third to a half of the candidates we handle are US/UK dual qualified, and will be interested in working in either jurisdictions. English candidates wanting to relocate to the US almost equals the amount of US candidates wanting to relocate to London. Many of them strive for the international experience in their career and personal life.

As we have the knowledge of a variety of firms in the UK and the US, we are in a position to advise on the operational differences, the size and the culture of the firm that would suit each individual.

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