Step 2: Market Mapping and Research

We identify individuals and research thoroughly into their backgrounds and we draw upon our market knowledge along with our extensive network of contacts in the sector.

Step 3: Headhunting & Approach

It is noteworthy that at any one time, only 20% of the market is actively looking for a new opportunity. We personally headhunt all of our candidates which means we can offer the best candidate in the whole of the market, rather than the best candidate that happens to be actively looking for work at that time.

Step 4: The Big Bee Screening and Interviews

The Big Bee Search conducts in-depth screening by telephone or video-conference and in the majority of cases and whenever possible, we conduct this screening in person using a mixture of cv-based, competency based and then later, if appropriate, psychometric interviewing techniques.
For each candidate shortlisted, screened and recommended for interview, we would then email client with the following. This can be adapted to each client’s need.

Step 5: Client Interviews

The Big Bee can assist at all stages of the candidate interview process, including taking part in the client stage interviews and organising additional screening such as psychometric testing. We can arrange psychometric testing for candidates either online, or at an assessment centre with an occupational psychologist.

Step 6: Offer Stage

We will guide and advise both candidate and clients through the often difficult and stressful stage contract negotiation and resignation, to ensure that a successful placement is made.

Step 7: Counter Offer or ‘Buy Back’

We are aware of the importance of pre-empting counter offers, or the ‘buy back’ situations. We always inform our clients of the potential of any counter offer being made, and the potential of the candidates being ‘bought back’. This way our client has the option of offering a truly competitive salary and can therefore avoid the ‘buy back’ situation.

Step 8: Starting a new job

Once the successful candidate has started, we remain in close contact during their formative weeks in order to help facilitate a smooth transition. We measure an individual’s success by the sustained performance they make and the long-term impact they have on our client’s business.

How it works