Every once in a while, there are those in the media that declare recruiting as a profession is coming to an end. It happened after the dot.com bust and subsequent recession earlier this century, and it’s happening again.

Only this time, it’s not only a recession that’s fueling speculation of the end of the recruiting profession.

There are other factors involved, as well, including the proliferation of social media and rapidly advancing technology, both of which have resulted in multiple means of communication.

However, rather than spelling doom for recruiters, these developments only underscore the importance of recruiters.


In fact, below are four reasons why recruiters are more important than ever:

1) More does NOT mean more.

  • Sure, potential candidates are seemingly everywhere these days, including online and in social media. Not only that, but job postings also attract hundreds of applicants every week, if not every day. However, does this make filling an open position with the best candidate easier? Quite the contrary: it equals an overload of data that can waste time and energy if not dealt with in the proper manner.

2) Superstar candidates are still difficult to find.

  • For one reason, they’re probably not applying to your online job posting. In fact, they probably aren’t even aware that you’re attempting to fill a position. Why is that? The majority of these candidates are “passive,” meaning that they’re not unemployed and they’re not actively looking for a new job because their current employer is doing their best to keep them on board. Sure, you might be able to find them via social media (LinkedIn), but that leads to #3 on our list.

3) Superstar candidates still need to be recruited.

  • Even if such a candidate is identified, that doesn’t mean they’re going to jump all over your open position. You just can’t present the opening and then automatically expect them to apply for it or even express interest in it. They need to be convinced that it’s not just a good opportunity, but a great one—an opportunity they can’t afford to pass up. They must be recruited to not just be interested in the position. They must be recruited to want the position.

4) Superstar candidates are receiving multiple offers.

  • Even if you find a superstar candidate and you’re able to recruit them, chances are good that other companies are vying for their services, as well. So even if they’re convinced that leaving their current employer is a good idea, they must be convinced to leave their current employer for your opportunity and not somebody else’s.

Social media isn’t much help with issues such as these. Neither are job boards and online postings. In fact, sometimes they add to the problem, not contribute to the solution.

No, in today’s economic environment and marketplace, recruiters are more important than ever, especially for those companies that are able to find and secure the services of an experienced search firm with an extensive track record of success.